The Large Glass Series

Large Glass No. 4 was selected to be included in Icebreaker 6, a national juried exhibition. Ice Cube Gallery in Denver, CO hosts Icebreaker 6, which runs January 8-31, 2015.

The Large Glass Series references Marcel Duchamp's The Bride Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors, Even, often referred to as The Large Glass. Duchamp's piece is constructed of two large pieces of glass with materials between them. The glass of his complex conceptual piece broke during transport and Duchamp considered the breaks an appropriate part of the piece.

Two of these photos show literally two large panes where the glass patch was applied to support the breaks in the large glass, in this case, due to a bullet hole. The large panes of glass in these photos also exhibit two images in the reflections, as if created by two pieces of glass. Duchamp's piece immediately came to mind while photographing this space.